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It is every women’s dream to have a wrinkle-less face  

As passes 40, the collagen inside skin started to decrease. Many people may find out they are getting these skin problems:

  • Nasolabial folds, crow’s feet and wrinkles appear on the face
  • Skin became less tender and got loose
  • Feel dry and rough if touch it
  • Coarse poredullness

It is not at all difficult to solve these skin problems.
One drop of SNOVA Plaziental Extrait awakens collagen in the deep layers of the skin.

Long-existing lines, crow’s feet and smile lines on the face will be smoothed out.
The skin also becomes whitening, better and flawless.

You can feel the skin smooth and tender, just like when you were young.

▼SNOVA’s wrinkle smoothing effect  introduced by famous TV show “Queen” 

Want to say goodbye to your annoying skin problems?
Want to regain the enviable beauty you had in your youth?
It’s definitely not too late to start!

Many people have used SNOVA and their skin has been improved.

Celebrating SNOVA’s got a high rank in Singapore.
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Comments after using SNOVA

  • voice01
    38 Y 「It’s the first time my face got so tight.」

    After 30 years, my face began to become loose, the wrinkles start to appear around eyes. While I was worrying for the lines, I saw the TV introduced that celebrities and models are using this SNOVA. Since there’s a special offer, I bought it for a try. I didn’t expect the result to be so obvious! Every day, I can see the fine lines slowly fading away. It’s completely different from the products I used before. I feel like I have wasted a lot of money. Wish that I have known it sooner and started using them sooner!

  • voice01

    45 Y 「Look not like a mom with 2 kids」
    I am a mother of 2 children, and every time when I reveal my age, everyone’s shocked. There is no fine lines on my face, so  it’s hard for people to discover my real age. Actually I am over 40 years old. I don’t have much time doing skin care because I got to take care of my kids. The secret of my skin is actually very simple, it’s SNOVA, which has a high concentration of placenta. Recommend to those moms who have no time but want to deal with their wrinkles.

  • voice01
    35 Y 「Finally, I’ve found a product really smoothing the skin.」
    Since I work in the medical industry, I the most important factor for me to get a skincare product is to see if the ingredients are effective. The wrinkle smoothing effect of placenta has been proven by many studies. This SNOVA placenta serum has the highest 22% of concentration of placenta in the industry, which is only available in professional beauty salons in Japan. It really makes a difference if using it continuously.

SNOVA: where to get ta good bargain?

There are only 2 official source where you can buy SNOVA: popup store at Welcia Jurong Point and Singapore official website.

If you’d like to give a try with SNOVA, better to buy it from official source. It is risky to buy from the unauthorized source since there’s no guarantee for whether it is real or fake.

SNOVA has a popup store in Welcia Jurong Point. However, it costs 116 SG$ per bottle! It seems like the best price is on the official website.

It is much cheaper and safer to buy at the official website of SNOVA.
Especially there’s usually a price off sale at official website.

SNOVA originally cost SGD 116 per bottle.
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*Offer is subject to change without prior notification, promotional pricing will be invalid after the promotional period.