Considering starting a skincare routine? Here’s how you can start with SNOVA. Limited sale on SNOVA official site!

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Like the well-know term says:
There are no ugly women in the world but lazy ones.

I was lazy with skincare when I was young.
After 40, I could tell that I felt so regretted every time seeing my face in the mirror. All the fine lines, dryness, and dullness. You can see what time has “curved” on your skin.

But I always believe that it is better late than never.

Therefore, I started to find a skincare method that suits me, but it was actually very hard for a woman who lacks experience in skincare. Cause there are just too many kinds of products in the market!

I really had no idea how to choose from this variety of products…

But one day when I was watching my favorite famous TV show “Queen”.
Something caught my eyes!

(※The effect may differ from the personal skin condition and the usage of products.)

And here it is~ I bought it for a try!
SNOVA Plaziental Extrait from Japan

※Be aware SNOVA is not Halal cause it contains extracts of the placenta

I know it sounds like an impulse purchase, but the TV show was not the only reason that convinced me of choosing SNOVA. As I did some search, I found out that SNOVA is originated from a beauty salon in Tokyo Ginza. Where celebrities and models like to have a skincare course there.

Home page of SNOVA(Only in Japanese)

SNOVA placenta seems to be the product that at first only used for massage course in the beauty salon. As for a high-classed salon, experiencing a course there is not cheap at all. The cost for a beauty message with the famous SNOVA placenta essence equals SGD 320!

In order to let more people who are not available for going to that beauty salon, SNOVA placenta is released as a home-skincare product. Not only in Japan but in Taiwan and Hong Kong, SNOVA is also widely chosen as a skincare product for people around 30~40s who may start to feel aging.

How can SNOVA attract followers using it for a daily based skincare routine product? One of the key is 22% high concentration placental extract. 

SNOVA not only contains extract of the placenta but also is full of botanical extracts, like saxifrage and aloe, which are known for moisturizing the skin and giving skin good nutrition. 

I know these ingredients are difficult for people to understand how they can bring to the skin. However, what makes me choose SNOVA is because the director of SNOVA, who is also a physician in Japan, has used SNOVA for over 12 years!

(※The effect may differ from the personal skin condition and the usage of products.)

Her skin really looks tender and well-textured. Just catch the chance that there was a sale, I bought it for a try.
I followed the skincare tips on its official site every day and found out that it is not complicated to use it at all!

Although it is recommended to put on toner or moisturizer after using SNOVA, I feel it is enough for me to use SNOVA solely in summer.
(also cause I am so lazy to put on more skincare products)
With 1-2 drip, apply on the face every day
Only takes about 10 seconds for each skincare routine

(※The effect may differ from the personal skin condition and the usage of products.)

Another good news for sensitive skin, SNOVA is non-alcoholic and oil-free.

(※The effect may differ from the personal skin condition and the usage of products.)

I also copy the QA section for sensitive skins.
Be sure to check if you have allergic to some of the ingredients before you buy it.

(※The effect may differ from the personal skin condition and the usage of products.)

SNOVA in Japan is only available in a professional skincare salon in Tokyo.
A bottle of SNOVA in Japan costs 8200 yen, which approximately equals  SGD 106.

The good news is that SNOVA’s finally available in Singapore.
A chance to experience SNOVA with a limited special offer now!

Special offer up to 50% off on SNOVA official site!

SNOVA is a best seller in Japan. There was a SNOVA pop-up store at Welcia Jurong Point.

So far to celebrate its debut in Singapore, a special sale is being held right now!

SNOVA Plaziental Extrait
(original price SGD 112 per bottle including shipping fee)

Now you can get a 3 bottle-set by SGD 168
= SGD 56 for each bottle on average 

(Free shipping / Direct delivery from Japan)

Compared to the cost of going to an aesthetic clinic, it’s a good bargain!

(※Promotional price is not subjected to any repeat purchase commitment. Purchase it at ease as cash on delivery service is available as well!)

Take a look at SNOVA official site


It really takes time to take care of your skin. If you are interested in SNOVA, take the chance as it is on sale and give it a try!