One more wrinkle on your face makes you look 10-year older! By using Japanese doctor’s favorite wrinkle smoothing care, my nasolabial folds really disappeared!

When do you think you got old?

I’d say, it’s when the smile lines get obvious on my face!

As I passed 40, one day I look at my face and found that I’ve become so old.
All the lines and wrinkles start to appear on my face,
which makes me look absolutely like an old woman!

So regret that I was too lazy to do skincare when I was young,
now it’s so hard to get rid of these wrinkles!!!

But things have changed when I started a skincare method.
After using it for continuously 1 month…. 

The appearance of wrinkles on my face has really improved

The lines got so much smoothing and the skin became so much better.
So tender if you touch it!

My friends saw my changes are all asking for my remedy for smile lines
The secret behind the improvement of my skin is “something” that has been introduced in a famous TV show

This is it~
Many Japanese celebrities use it for anti-age
SNOVA Plaziental Extrait

Even a Japanese Dermatologist loves and has used it for 12 years!
By using naturally placenta extract
although she has reached 46,
wrinkles can barely be seen on her face!!!

In Japan, you can only experience SNOVA in a high-classed salon in Ginza
where models and celebrity have their skincare treatment.

Now, not only in Japan but also in Taiwan,
SNOVA has extended its lovers.
Many users in Taiwan also give SNOVA the highest rank

What’s the secret in that SNOVA can remove wrinkles?

The reason for the lines and wrinkles appear on your face
is because of the loss of collagen!

Worst of it, the collagen in the skin
will reduce as people getting older

Which means as you getting old,
all the lines and wrinkles
will start to appear on your face!

 What SNOVA can help is the “growth factor” in placental extracts.
It can accelerate the growth of collagen in the skin.

▼With collagen, skin can be lifted and tightened

You can obviously feel the skin elasticity improved.

However, placenta extract is difficult to get and expensive.
Other placenta related products you can see
only includes 1-2% of placental extract 

But SNOVA contains the highest percentage of them

22% high concentration placental extrait

Compare SNOVA with other products
concentration is as much as 10 times!!

The way to use SNOVA is very easy
With 1-2 drip, apply on wrinkles every day
Only takes you 3 seconds

No matter nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, or other wrinkles on the face
SNOVA can fix it!

After continuously using for 1 month,
you will see wrinkles disappeared and the skin texture got improved↓↓↓

The placental extrait SNOVA using is examined by the Russian Academy
No antibiotics or drugs are contained.

Another good news for sensitive skin,
Snova is non-alcohol and oil-free.
No worries for skin irritation

Comments on SNOVA by netizens

33 year-old office lady「It really remove my wrinkles!」

My nasolabial folds’ really obvious. I always thought it was hopeless.
But after using this SNOVA placenta serum, I realized that even the wrinkles can be reduced one day! Every day, you can see the lines getting lighter and lighter. And the skin is slowly becoming more elastic. I wish I had known about this and started to use it earlier!

 58 year-old housewife「Annoying lines really faded」

When I was young, I found it troublesome to do skincare. But as I got older, I found that wrinkles and lines start to appear on my face. And then my daughter bought me this Snova Plaziental Extrait. She said it’s easy to use. All I have to do is put it on wrinkles. Now I’ve seen the photos my daughter shoot before a month ago. You can really see the lines on the face are smoothed out! I will definitely continue to use it.

40 year-old office lady「Worry about wrinkles around eyes」

It’s so annoying that every time I smile, lines appear near my eyes.
A friend of mine recommended Snova tome and said its anti-wrinkle effect is very good. And no extra adding for it so it is fine to use it on vulnerable skin. The crow’s feet really faded up after a while. Now people always say that I look younger.

35 year-old office lady 「Use it to fight with my wrinkles」

As I’m over 30, I’m really feeling the loss of collagen of my skin. My face has become less tightened and lines have appeared. I’ve heard that many Japanese beauty queens use this SNOVA for their skincare so I decided to give it a chance. It really smoothed out the lines on my face, and my skin became softer! Wrinkle care really needs to start early!

SNOVA in Japan is only available in a professional skin care salon.
Also, placenta extraction is difficult which results in its high price.
A bottle of SNOVA in Japan costs 8200 yen,
which approximately equals to SGD 106.

The good news is that SNOVA’s finally available in Singapore.
A chance to experience SNOVA
with limited special offer ONLY NOW

Time to fight against those annoying wrinkles!

Special offer 50% off only on SNOVA official site!

 SNOVA is a best seller in Japan which makes it always out-of-stock.
However, to celebrate the opening of SG’s official website,
a special promotion is being held right now!

SNOVA Plaziental Extrait
(original price SGD 112 per bottle)

Now you can get one with only SGD 56

(Free shipping / Direct delivery from Japan)

Compared to the cost of going to an aesthetic clinic, it’s a good bargain!
 Offer is subject to change without prior notification, promotional pricing will be invalid after the promotional period.

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It is really hard to get rid of wrinkles.
Be consistent with effective ingredients and you will see it gradually pay off.
If you want to have flawless skin without wrinkles,
 take advantage of this promotion and give it a try!

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