Introduced by TV show “Queen”! Japanese placenta essence “SNOVA Plaziental Extrait” is now on sale. Only available on SNOVA official site

Every woman must have dreamed to look always young and beautiful

As passing 40, the condition of the skin becomes weak. Many people may find out the skin problems start to appear.

To give skin better nutrition, it is recommended to consistently do skincare every day as a daily routine. A drop of SNOVA Plaziental Extrait with a high percentage of the placenta.

▼SNOVA contains multiple skincare ingredients.

▼SNOVA introduced by the famous TV show “Queen” 

▼Way to use SNOVA: apply after washing face

Want to improve your skin condition?
It’s never too late to start to do skincare!

SNOVA: where to get a good bargain?

There are only 2 official sources where you can buy SNOVA: the popup store at Welcia Jurong Point and Singapore official website.

If you’d like to give a try with SNOVA, it is recommended to buy it from official sources. SNOVA has a popup store in Welcia Jurong Point. However, it costs SDG 116 per bottle! 

It is more convenient and safer to buy at the official website of SNOVA. Especially there’s usually a price-off sale.

SNOVA originally cost SGD 116 per bottle.
Now special price only on Singapore official website:

3 bottle set is now SGD 168

Up to 50% off.

Only SGD 56 per bottle on average
(Free shipping / Direct delivery from Japan)

Want to experience SNOVA in your daily skincare routine? 
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→SNOVA official site: